Be Fruitful, Be Brave, and Burn the Things You Love

by The Darkhearts/Marble Berry Seeds

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mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way.

People who have been called crazy:

GG Allin
Ed Kempner
Jesus Christ
H.P. Lovecraft
Per Ohlin
Vincent Van Gogh
Nikolai Tesla
Edgar Allan Poe
Mel Gibson
Sir Issac Newton
Varg Vikernes

This album is about trying to find some way to live with your own insanity when there is no light in the cold, empty room.

We would like to thank:
The families Zulinke and Wheatley, for guiding us before we could guide ourselves.
Robert, Jake, Thomas, and Michael, for always being wonderful friends and listening to our shitty music.
Zane Queijo, for taking the time to create this incredible artwork, trusting her ukelele to me, and never judging a single thought I have.
Sam Creager, for putting up with our incompetent asses (and also for getting burritos with us. We brag about that to each other constantly)
Aunt Majella and Uncle Tom, for giving the band a place to crash and watch Tim & Eric.
Steal Reserve Records, for being awesome to some random stranger they've never met.
And anyone who takes the time to listen to our music! We really, truly appreciate it! Thank you so much!

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released August 19, 2015

-Marble Berry Seeds
Vocals, guitar, ukelele, synth: Cam Wheatley
Bass, electric guitar: Dylan Thomas Brothers
-The Darkhearts
Vocals, guitar: Dylan Thomas Brothers
Ukelele, bass, harmonica, backing vocals: Cam Wheatley

Produced & mixed by Sam Creager at Ugly Duck Recording Studios in Brighton, Boston, Ma

Album art by Zane Queijo

All Marble Berry Seeds songs written by Cam Wheatley
All Darkhearts songs written by Dylan Brothers, except "Where You Began" (Brothers & Wheatley)



all rights reserved


Marble Berry Seeds Blacksburg, Virginia

"Anger is like herpes; you're not meant to keep it to yourself."- Wilfred

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Track Name: Marble Berry Seeds - Lone Tree in Hell
Like a fire by the rising tide: burn
Like the soap that cleans your wounds: burn
Like your freckled skin after hours in the garden:
Like the letter no one is supposed to read
Like the torch on the walls of the temple
Like the lawn green sawgrass growing in the Everglades
Like the scarecrow when he meets the witch.
Like the coils in your vaporizer.
Like the CD in your disk-drive when the download is complete.
Like the Vampire stumbling in the sunlight
Like the wings on Icarus when he disobeys his dad
Like the paper that you rolled around a spoonful of nutmeg

A block or two away from a blazing ball of gas
A pebble on the turnpike around a larger clump mass
And your only purpose on this earth, as far as I can tell,
Is to burn until you're the last tree in hell.

Like the protesting Buddhist monk
Like the candle flickering in the synagogue
Like the Norwegian church in 1994
Track Name: Marble Berry Seeds - Pineneedle
Smoke rises from the treeline when I hear the warison. Its been sixteen days since I stuck a needle in my skin, but the loneliness and self-pity are starting to get the best of me, and esoteric poetry is not a perfect distraction. So grab your rifle and aim for survival. Wear your scars like untamable tattoos. It takes more than a preacher to convert a nonbeliever- crawling through the thorns in the blood-soaked shoes.

Climb up from the trenches when the weather starts to tame. The callery pears blossom and they smell just like your shame.No one taught you how to cope when the sickness took away your hope.There's something watching through a scope and it's lining up the crosshairs. So grab your rifle and aim for survival. Do not loose yourself inside your head. It takes more than a preacher to convert a nonbeliever,
wading through the bodies of the dead.

Distant song. Wonder how long you can hide inside your fort. Black tar sky.I Wonder why you learned to sell yourself short.
Don't you ever sell yourself short again.

Just grab your rifle and aim for survival. Find someway to realize that you're loved. It takes more than a preacher to convert a nonbeliever, waiting for a sign from up-above.
Track Name: Marble Berry Seeds - A Plan to Get Even
I got a growing list of names of the people whose faces I never want to see again.
I' got six spare bottles of hand sanitizer so I know that I'll never run out
I got a package coming in from Houston: marked with some strangers name
I got a baseball bat for protection and I'm getting better with it everyday

I got a friend on a plane to Denver: I'm never going to see him again
I got a friend in a bar in Boston eager to lend a hand
I inhale candy 'cause it's the sustenance that keeps me awake and alive
On the day that the devil drags me down will me memory survive?

Left in my shrinking fiefdom: starving for revenge.
During daytime it feels like thistles- during night it's a syringe.

I got a safe place waiting for me in Davie, Florida where they'll welcome me like the prodigal son
I got ambitions growing like milkweed
Thank your god that I don't got a gun
I have rage like GG Allin when he dances for the crowd
I've wasted words while whispering now I'm going to be fucking loud

There's a howling voice inside of me like a demons call to arms
I'm going to write about these problems and raise all your red alarms
Boiling blood, in my veins, suffused with heretic pride
Reminds me of my days with the Nazi's: drinking Dew and bumming rides

I need to the the hell outta here
I'll wait 'til winter strangles fall
'Til then, don't expect me to make amends
I say fuck'em

Fuck'em all
Track Name: Marble Berry Seeds - Flock of the Grey Shepard
Look out the window through the spiderwebbed glass
At the watercolor painting of the wet morning grass
I guess some people are just born crazy

The pixies come out, all frail and blue
Wave goodbye to girl that you never knew
Nothing in the medicine cabinet can save me

Sleep is like an ancient text
I lay on the bedroom floor
When the sun cracks the envelope
There's a knock on the door

Familiar shape through the diamond cone
A message from something that you are not alone
A game of gods, played by turn

Swelling wind, howling sound
Find some comfort underground
In the mountains, bushes burn

If you're to find the answers
Break through the electric chains
Whose can say happiness
Is only for the sane?

Well I've been waiting for the constellations to lineup
Watching the planets dance along on course
Who will guide me through the hazy meadows?
What is happiness? And what is it's source?

Rising sails outbound for the new world
Sea salt air mingles with the pine
Everyone here is weakened by some illness
You can runaway from yours. I will find some way to live with mine.
Track Name: Marble Berry Seeds - Huckleberry Lane
Just behind the doughnut shop on Huckleberry lane
sailing on a sea of cardboard and grease
there's a man with dark green corduroys, two sizes too small,
and tobacco stains on his remaining teeth

Grey clouds backpack from the northwest
dressed for the winter months.
Old Delano has no good place to go
So he finds a spot of concrete by the bathroom in the park
and while he sleeps his only blanket is the snow.

But you know it's his own damn fault
that the power plant had to make a few "tough choices"
And although now he spends most days wandering the streets
He lives inside his head, with several nervous voices

Part the rows of cars when the light turns red
Some of the drivers smile. Most just turn their head.
As the saying goes "Out of sight is out of mind"
I am young & I am blind
Track Name: Marble Berry Seeds - Thank the Maker!
Last night black smog ascended from the ocean.
The celestial spheres began to wheeze and choke.
Things were going fine when we took shelter at the library,
until public bathroom filled with smoke.

And I wonder if I was a good man in a past life.
And I don't think I deserve to ever have children or a wife.
And I wish I hadn't misplace my eagle-hilt knife,because I could really use the peace of mind.

I want to get a swastika tattoo'd on my ankle
and show it to all the decent folks I meet.
So they'll know right from the beginning I'm a shitty fucking being
and I deserve to join the earth beneath their feet.

And I wonder if this song sounds too much like AJJ.
I listen to them when I feel like a broken mess because they fucking slay,
but I will sit here and keep trying to make lemons out of lemonade. Maybe I'll get a visit from the father, the son or holy shade.
Or just roam around the city,
a perpetually cooked grenade.
Orphans have it made
because there's no one they're supposed to love.

Silent night, holy night, all is lost, all will die
Track Name: The Darkhearts - Sea of Thoughts
Show me
Own me
Grainy picture quality
And fucked up TV shows
Remind us
Of times like these
Up all night
Submerged in
Televisions light
Demons are afraid of me
When I'm surrounded
By the light
Of the TV
Track Name: The Darkhearts - Wrest
Spend my days thinking of exclusive ways to kill you
But nothing seems to work
And nothing will fix the issue
There's two ways to go about it:
One is to live, one is to die
Grab life by the throat, be fruitful and multiply

Following your dreams
Is harder than it seems
You make a mistake or two than it all comes back to haunt you
You can let this one go
I'm afraid that it will be fatal
The baby will be fine if you just rock the craddle

When I think of you i can't get any sleep at night
I'm a child of the darkness and I'm still afraid of the light
My birthday was on the sabbat and my evil blood was spilled
I've took many lives sense then, but I am living still
I am living still

Embrace the darkness hidden deep inside
Humans are better when they've got something to hide
Whether you're fucked in the head
Or way to normal
All is for one, one is for all
Let us all fall

When I think of you i can't get any sleep at night
I'm a child of the darkness and I'm still afraid of the light
My birthday was on the sabbat and my evil blood was spilled
I've took many lives sense then, but I am living still
I am living still

Hide in your thoughts to make it through this tragedy
I don't think you're right but I'll respect your honesty
And once you've passed the ten sub-levels of suicide
Ten years of remission and a loving family by your side

When I think of you i can't get any sleep at night
I'm a child of the darkness and I'm still afraid of the light
My birthday was on the sabbat and my evil blood was spilled
I've took many lives sense then, but I am living still
I am living still
Track Name: The Darkhearts - A Song for Hungry Cannibals
When I die, they knew the devil was coming
But at least, I died for something
I didn't quite go out like GG Allin
But neither did Per Ohlin

They found me by a dumpster
Drenched in my own piss
But at least I gave those fuckers something to miss

To be honest I think I love you
But I don't think love exist
An overwhelming amount of alcohol and dopamine
Ignited our true loves kiss

And yes my darling, the rumors they are true
I don't believe in God, but god damn it I believe in you
Track Name: The Darkhearts - Mustache & the Combovers
Light in the cold room gets clearer
I can finally see the murderer
Hiding in the mirror
Didn't live a life worth living
I found my soul
Rotting here in prison
Wish I could make it up to all of you
I'm not a maniac
Have you seen my IQ?

And I'm sorry for there loss
Pretend they were martyrs
For a just cause
I rationalized, I made it true
Don't worry, even God pays his dues

I see you differently than other people do
Just be glad there's a wall of concrete
Between me and you
I knew the killing couldn't go on forever
So I took the liberty of
Ridding this world of her
Loss of the family hurts everyone
Doesn't matter which side of the gun
Or knife you're on

And I'm sorry for my loss
But she was a martyr
For a just cause
I rationalized, I made it true
Don't worry, me and that bitch paid our dues
Track Name: The Darkhearts - Beer and Oreos
Keep waiting for me darling
I'm on the other side
It's so bright and everyone's excited
But I don't think I was invited
I've got a six pack
I think there's a guitar in the corner
I'm gonna spend eternity thinking of a
New world order

And I'm gonna write a rebel love song
About a girl that doesn't exist
And you know I'll remember your name
Cause it's tattoo'd on my wrist

I'm an ugly mother fucker with a whore for a mother
And I couldn't be any happier
I got chaos running through my veins
Laced with pure, white cocaine
I used to have a mother figure
She doesn't miss me as much as I miss her
Maybe these feelings will freeze over during winter