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"When I die,
hallelujah by
and by,
I'll fly away"-Albert E. Brumley

Dedicated to Zane Queijo, who can steam the shit out of some kale.
And much love to Stacy, Dylan, Alex, Matt, Mike, Jake, Thomas, Bert, Blake, the Committee, the Wheatley clan, JD, and George Lucas

to be read as a religious text from the 30th century and named after the true science of predicting the weather: Meteoronomy.
Those Meteorologist hippies see causation in coincidences.


released December 1, 2015

Guitar, vox, keys, recorder, harmonica, dulcimer, banjolele: Cam Wheatley
Percussion: Thomas Coffin
Bass, backing vox on "Knight Light": Robert Kashmier
Backing vox, clapping: Margaret Wheatley
Backing vox on Arvel Super Crynyd, beatboxing: Jenna Wheatley
Backing vox on Knight Light: Angelica
Rap on "Chords of March II" written and performed by Jacob "Meaux" Stanish
Cosmology and Knight Light recorded and produced by Ron Coffin in his home studio
Everything else recorded and produced by Cam Wheatley

All songs written by Cam Wheatley

Album art by Matt Rider



all rights reserved


Marble Berry Seeds Blacksburg, Virginia

"Anger is like herpes; you're not meant to keep it to yourself."- Wilfred

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Track Name: Cosmology
God hates the dinosaurs
so he sent me to leave a crater in the Earth
and I light shelves of books on fire
it's the only way I can know self-worth

Jesus doesn't have Norman Greenbaum on his IPod,
his Google searches are in line with your average man.
If the Son of God died to cleanse you of our sins
I guess that we should sin the best we can

Arvel Crynyd was flying in his A-Wing.
Plasma burned a circle in it's hull,
but god dammit he stayed in control!

I'm the pilot of the S.S. Dolphin
who enslaved the local tribe to be his pets.
And I'm a song that contains an obscure reference
no one in the audience will get!

I have a fear that everybody judges me
it stems from the way that I judge all of them
One day
in the unforeseeable future
I'll stop collecting worries like they're rare and shiny gems

Wedge Antilles taught me that it's alright to quit
the proverb says to quit while you're ahead
but a hero and some old words are worthless to me because
I'll be playing catch-up until I'm dead

Sometimes I think I would feel better if I spent all my time alone
And the one thing
as overwhelming
as my whiny hopelessness
is picking up and dialing
the phone.
Track Name: Grave New World
In the Blue Ridge foothills winters cracking it's whip.
Glass stalactites cling to the bus stop roof
footprints in the snow; clovenhooved.
Yesterday wasn't too bad. I just drank and stayed indoors.
Red wine stains on the edge of my mouth,
it's too late now to follow you south.

We've all lost touch with somebody
we think we love
But like the story of the olive branch and the
alabaster dove

Happy endings are only for a chosen few.

I hibernate during the daytime.
I set fire to the wicks at night.
Paint pictures of a man in an obsidian crown
It's getting clearer every day:
There's no escaping this town.

Twin snakes coil around my neck
when I dream
I see visioned of a white masked man, but
I've never sat through Scream

Horror movies never scare me like the world around me can.

How sweet the sound
May the angel of death watch over me
When he makes his nightly rounds

Amazing grace
I shattered long ago
Will you scoop up the remnants?
Will you make me whole?

I never saw you coming.
I never saw you coming.
But if I'd seen you coming...

I would've let you ride in.
Track Name: Chicago Maroon
Roses are red
and frail
and thorny

Blood is red
and it taste like hope

Books are read
to share the story
of the martyr and the rope

The sky is red on the morning
ash swarms to the moon

Lucifer dressed in his finest boots

Chicago Maroon.

The wind blew the intensity
past bluebells in the field.
War paint plastered over our cheeks.
Saint Andrews cross on every shield.

A blue stocking sang me the blues

All the soldier swoon

Japanese maples in the early fall

Chicago Maroon.

A battalion of greenhorns quiver in their steel-toed boots
Yellow-bellied young men dig for valor
deep below the sycamore roots.

Fireworks a monarch ornage
Earth a cattail brown
Violet is a violent color
worn by kings,
and priests,
and clowns.

And halfway up the coast
on the judgement day
A rose fades from
red to
pink to
white to
Blacksburg grey

And when you looked at me with your gypsy eyes I knew our time
was coming soon

We'll never breakaway from

Chicago Maroon
Track Name: Smashing the Windows
Meet my ambassador

He's more personable than I could ever hope to be.
He's friendly, and polite, and filled with empathy.
A Lego structure built from the best parts of me.
He's my worst enemy.

On the other side
of this one-way mirror
Your painting of the future is starting to make sense.
Where I once saw a heart-shaped locket, I see a god inside my pocket.
And cosmonauts with
and frankincense.

Everyday I wake up tired
and obsessive
and a liar
If I don't go to work than there's nothing for me to do.
If I
can find the balls
to smash these artless walls
Perhaps the sun will help me grow into something new
and brave
and free

Black clouds over a funeral
On your canvas every night
I could be Bill Murray
and live this day a thousand times

I still don't think I'd ever get it right.
Track Name: Chords of March II (feat. Meaux)
In Boston I saw a man sleeping by a cardboard sign.
It read "Nobody will help me. They're all hypocrites. I wish I would die."
I don't want to encourage that attitude, but I still gave him a Hamilton,
because I understand the appeal of being free and forgotten.

And I want to help everyone, but I'm just too fucking lazy.
And I want to be loved by anyone, but I'm just too fucking crazy.

I'm afraid of technology
I'm afraid of where it'll take us next
I'm upset that I get upset when you ignore my text
I'm afraid that there are other people who are just like me
I'm afraid my brain will pack his things and leave reality

And I want to help everyone, but I'm just too fucking lazy.
And I want to be loved by anyone, but I'm just too fucking crazy.

I want to have hope again
I want to have hope again
I want to have hope again
I'm going to have hope again one day
I want scabs to form on my knees again
I want the trees to grow leaves again
I want to shake my disease again
I'm going to have hope again one day
Track Name: Sky Walker
Lilac firmament
over endless dunes of sand
Working on the farm
do the best you can
Stare up at the cosmos past
the red sun and it's twin

You will escape the cage they put you in
You will escape the cage they put you in

Two charred corpses
the results of your defection
Tragedy at the roots
of an odysseys inception
Sprint toward the exit
never turn around

Will you morn the ones that keep you bound?
Should you morn the ones that keep you bound?
Should you morn the ones that keep you

On the ground
Track Name: Knight Light
Oh isolation
I didn't know I'd miss you so bad
I need you like a pop/punk singer needs the approval of his dad

Oh desperation
You're someone who I've come to know too well
My brains my biggest rival and my skin feels like a five foot prison cell

But by the night light in my room
I'll forget about this towns impending doom
And your music will be a broom
sweep up all the monsters that are scattered in the corners

Oh pollination
I'm so happy you decided to exist
Spring has come out swinging and now I can take the bandage off my wrist

Oh constellation
It's to you I dedicate my worship song
I'll hop along the cosmic railroads until I find the place that I belong

But by the night light in cave
I'll forget the way they taught my to behave
And your music will make me brave
to fight back all the monsters that scattered in the corners
Track Name: Tchotchkes
I am but a flee on the back of a dog
the back of a dog named humanity
the wind smells of ginger and calamity
Every other time it rains

And I am the putrid taste in your mouth
when the water runs sour in the reservoir
and the children clutching mason jars
All hunger for bleeding brains
Their teeth wear ruby stains
as they march us toward the
rise of the machines

I am the cigarettes you burn on the day
after you quit
I'm the spray paint on the bathroom wall
of Jesus
holding hands
with Baphomet
I'm the land on the side of the fence
for whom you wave your flag
I'm the last jug of milk in the grocery store
I'm the citizen with a loaded mag
There is a shadow
inside of your head
that you want to keep out of control
There is a shadow
growing wider on the desolate field
that will soon become a massive hole

Track Name: One Tin Meteor IV: A New Hope
Swap TV's for smaller mind control devices
A spoonful of soma helps reality go down
I love all the expensive things I use as my distractions
From existence in this pissy little town

One day I'll smoke cigars on the plantation
with Dylan playing banjo on the porch
They'll be whiskey in the puddle by the mailbox
and my kids will all grow up believing in the force

I won't just be a no one stuck in Radford
Working a mundane job six days a week
I will find the courage to uncage my tiny voice
And teach it a romance language it can speak

Following your dreams will disappoint you
but hey, everyone you hate is going to die
and you might just get to see the look on that bastards face
when his soul becomes a spirit in the sky

The burns on my body take forever to scab over
So I'll cover them in meaningless tattoos
Or I'll draw a dog in flames and but exes as it's eyes
to remind me of the time I spent with you

One day I'll kiss my sweetheart on the forehead
As we lay under the blanket in a pose
She'll have all her own opinions and peacock feather eyes
and an adorable, yet faintly crooked nose

I probably shouldn't sing this to my shadow
I probably shouldn't read it to my dad
Waiting for the Alzheimers to take away my cells
Eating every memory that's sad

Following your dreams will disappoint you
but hey, everyone you hate is going to die
and you might just get to see the look on that bastards face
when his soul becomes a spirit in the sky