The Bard's Shadow

by Marble Berry Seeds

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13 songs about a medieval colony, where the impending civil war is the least of their problems.

Dedicated to Matt Rider and all vampires; especially the violent ones.


released June 23, 2014

Vocals, guitar, piano, ukelele, harmonica: Cam Wheatley
Udu, ocean drum: Thomas Coffin
Backing vocals: Maggie Wheatley

Ukelele lovingly borrowed from Zane Queijo

Written & produced by Cam Wheatley
recorded in three different, mostly empty rooms in an apartment in Blacksburg, Va; and two different buildings in south Florida.



all rights reserved


Marble Berry Seeds Blacksburg, Virginia

"Anger is like herpes; you're not meant to keep it to yourself."- Wilfred

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Track Name: Mountain Towns
Oh something about the sky up here
Makes everything so crystal clear
This will be the place that we call
And I know I've said this once before
but when walk-on through the door
We'll be released form the pressure

But the truth lurks outside the
Making his awful presence known
And I know that this was never the
But oh look how the children have

Oh the lanterns they tumble when
kicked to the ground
We've stepped off the cliff now we
can't turn around
As we fire off rockets just to make a

All these clowns
In mountain towns

Had a ride but never drove
Stole melons out of Neesons grove
Didn't pan out quite how we
But they never turned their backs away
When it was time to save the day
Stay humble and stay kind

Time keeps drizzling onward
We're changing with each and
every drop
But every hero, every hero needs a trial
Before they're allowed to reach the

If your demons grab your heart and
strengthen there hold
Call on your weapons and stand
tall and bold
These visions we ponder as we
become old

The Ups and downs
Of mountain towns
Track Name: The Vampire Bard
I'll wait in my chamber
For the candles to go out
And the townsfolk to nestle in their beds
On this bright night I feel fresh and alive
While the moon ushering in crimson reds

Stroke the humming strings from within my dark corner
Let the shadows sing the harmony
And when they hear my voice echo down the city streets
They will all recognize its me

Secrets overwhelm you in the musky burning dump
Didn't think it'd end up like this, but now we gotta jump
And one day we will make them see that
It's the lonely who are truly free

Sing to all the spirits that are trapped between the realms
Choose the choice that no others would choose
Life is like a brute and he will kick you when you're down
But this is not a battle you will lose

And if the Prince is filled with sorrow and regret
Skip all of the setlist til you reach Harlem Roulette
And one day we will make them see that
It's the lonely, that are truly free

Sharing riddles of the future that's in store lets
Pretend the gossips cannot hear us through the doors

Welcome all travelers into my cozy shack
I have a tune to cure each ail
And even though the sky is getting darker as we go
Keep trudging forward, I know that you'll prevail

And nothing in there dogma
Or in their heinous lies
Could ever take away the look of triumph from your eyes
And one day we will make them see that
It's the lonely, that are truly free
Track Name: Stoned Sam
Stumble down shallow hills into open meadows
Buy as many poppies as the gypsie women will sell
There's somebody out there
And I guess he don't like me
And he wants to make my life feel like hell

So Ladadadodadee
How did this happen to me?
Everyone is watching me with their stares
And what could I have ever done
To deserve the next part to come?
So throw those stones to take away my cares

Steal some bread from the trash
Beneath this lovely weather
Don't if its cloudy or sunny, but I know it feels fine
I'll pick pockets looking for something
Don't know what it is, but I know I lost mine

So Ladadadeedado
Looks I got nowhere to go
I wish I never played this horrid game
And no one that I ever knew
Has the smallest idea of a clue
So throw the rocks
And let me feel their shame
Track Name: Stonemasons
Grand masters painting sets his gaze upon the hall
His stern cold stare commands dead silence from us all
Keeping secrets from the spirits we defend
Preparing for the end

Leaving breadcrumbs on the path vague and unclear
Choosing when and where the hand of fate will interfere
Red herrings clouding up our view
Try to follow my clue

Deep rivers will run dry
Stars vacates the sky
If made so by the fair and watchful eye

Hidden symbols grace the farm down by the cove
Five crook points sprouting from on top a clove
When the lies start to unravel from control
Quickly plug up the hole

Spying on allies to make sure their hearts are true
Forge damning evidence should they go askew
Wedge these skeleton with the others in the hut
Pray the door will stay shut

Deep rivers run dry
Stars vacate the sky
If made so by the fair and watchful eye

Throw the bodies in the river
Hope that they don't float
Find a revolutionary
To use as a scapegoat

Crafting webs that lay deceptions on the land
Do we lie for the greater good or just because we can?
If the colonies start asking for a change
Silence can be arranged

Deep rivers run dry
Stars vacate the sky
If made so by the fair and watchful eye
Track Name: Hail Insects
"Poem Version"

When the moon sails above
the northeastern valleys
You feel the tides coming soon
When springtime arrives and the birds return
I'll emerge from my crescent cocoon

The swamp grows thick, going south for the winter
Burning sawgrass glows bright and warm
When the chilling mist skims on river
I will rise and escape from this swarm

The exotic creatures roam the planes in the Midwest
To hunt and prepare for the frost
I see witches light fire and dance through their caves
This must be the feeling of lost

Howls of wolves echo down the long western coast
Eggs rest on weeds by the sea
If a vermin arrives to snatch them away
He'll first have to make it through me
Track Name: Under the Harvest Moon
I think someone has been watching us
I think our secrets out at last
'Cause the buzzing from the bees
And the gossip in the trees
Point in all directions towards
Our intertwining past
So when the mobs arrive on our doorstep
Armed with hate and their farmtools
We'll put some cadavers in the bed, and make'em think that we are dead
Than they'll really look like fools
We laugh like children as we run into the night
Beneath the guiding harvest light

It's getting lonely in this dungeon
I can almost squeeze between the bars
When the skies shine on the south
I taste sweet freedom in my mouth
Like a fresh baked batch of cookies, brimming from a mason jar
The roadway leads around the pastures
But I take the breakneck route right through
When they check my cell
They'll ring the warning bell
And send the wolves out too pursue
I let the calming breeze lift me like a kite
Beneath the guiding harvest light

Make sure the fire keeps on burning
It keeps the monsters all at bay
The ground is hard and damp
Where I make my humble camp
And stare up at the heavens
On my pillow made of hay
I can hear some tribal chanting
No doubt in worship of the moon
My bodies cold and numb
So I think of better days to come
I know the sun will bring them soon
I sell my fading hope a fleeting chance to fight
Beneath the guiding harvest light
Track Name: The Nun's Shadow
I saw you in the streets, trying to stay low
When Zacchaeus knocks, somebodies gotta go
You were digging for treasure
Your gleaming eyes gave up the truth
You may fool the masses
But I am a desolate sleuth

I saw you in streets, tossing seed to the owls
Hiding under the scripture, black dress & black cowl
The bell counts up to seven,
You were gone by the penultimate chime
A moment devoid of any purpose
Just a weed in the garden of time

That veil won't conceal your true nature much longer
A third chance this is a foul thing to squander
Are you just penitent regaining her honor
Or a thespian honing her craft?

I saw you in the streets, lifting the damned to their paws
I saw you in the streets, tending their wounds with white gauze
I saw you in the streets, kneeling with the faithless, singing amens
I saw you shield a vagrant from the taskmasters, I would never see you again
Track Name: Desert Island Shipwrecked Blues
It's getting dark
It's getting cold
I'd run away
Were I so bold
But there isn't anywhere that I could run off to
Except sixty sandy meters
Surrounded by deep blue

Draw a line
Parting the shores
This halves mine
That sides yours
And I'm prepared to let these nasty feelings go
If the skies of hell
Sprinkle down white snow

Oh what, a wicked, thing for God to do
Marooning me on this small rock with you

Build an idol
Burn it
Twice a week
Check if you drowned
And just it clarify that you are infact the worst
I only check to see if Mother Nature got you first

As the night
Comes crawling in
I watch the clouds
Purple and thin
And no heavenly power
That rains from up-above
Could pry your soul
From my cold, undying love

Oh what a thoughtful
Thing for God to do
Marooning me on this small rock with you
Track Name: When Maestro Comes
When the noise reaches a halt
As the dew settles on the grass
White doves alighting overhead
Crooning friendly tunes as they pass

The ole cracked bell, dangling from the tower
Rings defiantly tonight
And we will dance right until the sun comes
For we are finished with this fight

The air was sweet
The sky was blue
The moon was high
An idyll true
And when the king
Takes off his crown
Let those walls come crumbling down

A brisk wind picks-up scattered leaves
As the fireflies illuminate the land
And peaceful hymns flood the air
From mountain snow to desert sand

And just like that, winter turns to spring
When our hero takes her place
And all the joyous creatures sing
As we ascend towards outer space

The air was sweet
The sky was blue
The moon was high
And so were you
When the king
Takes off his crown
Let those walls come crumbling down